Modular Model Railroading

 in HO Scale


Country RRoads was conceived and construction began in March of 2015 with the first trains running in August of 2015.  This group conforms to the single-track FreeMo standards with enhancements.

To avoid duck under operation, a point-to-point layout design was used.  This allows for “Straight”, “L” shaped, and “U” shaped layouts not normally seen in modular layouts.  The modules at each end of the setup are unique to the CRR modular group, having automatically routed return loop tracks.  There are currently 17 modules making up a “full membership” assembly, including P-modules  return loops for each end and four narrow format 90-degree corners.

The layout is HO scale, with nearly 200 feet of track, including both main line and sidings.  DCC control is provided by both simplex and duplex Digitrax throttles.  All turnouts are manually operated other than the two reverse loop returns.  Those are controlled automatically by Tortise/Hare electro-mechanical combinations or by throttle command.  
Each member of CRR builds a section or “module” that reflects the person’s personal imagination or their past experience of a rail-side scene.  The modules are sized so the can be built, stored, and transported by the individual with minimal or no outside help.  The modules are designed to connect together into a combined scene along a rural railroad and highway in the 1950’s.  Modules can be reversed end-to-end and rearranged in order to provide variety.  When the modules are connected together, multiple trains can be operated over the entire layout providing interesting visual and aural scenes.  The combined layout can be configured into almost any shape to fit available space.
As a group we know model railroading is interesting to the general public, who may never get the chance to visit a well built model railroad.  The purpose of our club is not just the building of a model railroad layout for friends and ourselves, but to build one that is portable and intended for public display.  In addition to making appearances at model train shows, it is our mission to take the layout on the road to a variety of events where the public can see the dedication to quality and craftsmanship.  In this effort we are hopeful that it will encourage others to participate in the hobby. 

If you recognize a potential opportunity for the Country RRoads layout to be viewed by the public, please share that information with us.